Who are we?

Founded by passionate engineers, Dassym is established in Switzerland since 2004. At our two production sites located in Jura and Neuchâtel, we develop and manufacture brushless micromotors and their electronics control and software for dental, medical and podiatry fields, offering you full custom solutions.
The core of development for every new product is precision, reability, innovation and excellence. Dassym has set the task of developing and manufacturing products that are suited to your requirements, making dentists and doctors life easier.

Research and Development

David Voegeli, Senior R&D Specialist
Mechanical engineer & founder


Boris Oriet, Senior Electronic and Software Project Manager


We master dentistry for a while, now we master surgery. Our tools are very efficients for dentists but not only. Our cutting edge technology is also certified for medical applications, like surgery and podology.

Over the years,
we registered
several patents

– Brushless micromotors rotation from 0 to 40’000 rpm
– Micromotor intelligence between API and electronics
– Micromotor sensorless servocontrol with higher performance
– Sterilizazion tracking
And much more…