We didn't invent dentistry,
just made it more efficient
We master dentistry since 2004,
now we also master surgery
Need a customised solution?
We have the ability
to develop it for you


Evolutionary innovation, continous and dynamics, that are brought about by many incremental advances in technology and process. Working together with KOL’s worldwide to develop and innovate products and systems to add value on doctor’s procedures.

Swiss quality

Dassym SA, based in Switzerland, is specialised manufacturer company, Swiss made, for brushless micromotors and electronics to a developer of custom-made product ranges and systems.


Dassym works as Flexible on concepts, research and practical experiences enabling customers to become more adaptive, agile at the level of micromotors and electronics development and systems. The aim is to enrich the flexible systems testing and innovating products suitable for the market requires.

Controller for
brushless motors

Brushless Micromotors