Application on General Dentistry
Controller board for brushless motors series 30 , with pressure sensor or without sensor pressure

Ref. 251.30.001 (251.30.002)


  • Designed to drive the 30 series of Dassym brushless/sensorless motors (M0-33)

  • Rotational speed from 1000 to 40000rpm, CW and CCW

  • Current limitation from 500 mA to 7000 mA 

  • Foot switch management (at hardware and software levels)

  • Ability to manage up to 8 devices (different motors, curing lights, etc.) 

  • Different control modes: direct, electric (analogic input) or pneumatic (integrated pressure captor) 

  • Automatic light control (selectable light shutdown delay when motor stopped)

  • Automatic storage of current working configuration

  • Up to 15 user memories for storage of working configurations

  • High speed serial interface with comprehensive DAPI-2 protocol for fine control, survey and firmware updates

  • Size : 70 x 45 mm

  • Power Supply 32 Vdc (up to 36 Vdc)

Multiple I/O connectors and expansion capabilities :

  • 1 command connector with foot switch input, speed reference input

  • 1 expansion connector with 2 analog inputs, 4 digital I/O and I2C interface

  • 1 remote connector each with digital output and RS232 interface

  • 1 motor connector with 3 phases, light power and 2 configurable I/O (light, reverse) 

  • 3.3 V power for expansions (up to 300mA)